Corporate Social Responsibility


Watch MIG TV (4 minute) feature clip on the impact of aarohan’s work to embetter the lives of children in India

Conax is a proud sponsor of Indian NGO aarohan
Well-established in the Indian market since 2002, Conax is engaged in giving back to the local community. We have engaged with NGO (non-governmental organization), aarohan, for a long-term cooperation, based on their credibility and proven reliability in working to provide underprivileged children with education and the possibility for a future with a better quality of life. Tapping a long tradition of providing schooling as stepping stone to a brighter future, the NGO aarohan also offers skills training for parents with limited employment opportunities.

Conax is proud to be sponsoring aarohan and children who might otherwise be left behind with nutritionist-approved meals and an education. Our strategy is for providing more than just monetary support; we’ve committed dedicated staff for on-site visits, activities and regular engagement. Through the Conax initiative led by local Conax Delhi employees Pranshu Singh and Anurag Kumar, we are aiming to provide both a hands-on approach to giving back – and also strong role models for enriching the development of these children.

- You can learn more about the NGO’s activities on the aarohan website, or follow Aarohan on Facebook.

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