Conax Core Access
Conax Core Access has been designed to provide best-in-class security for all types of broadcast operation, while ensuring simplicity of business rules management and providing flexibility through renewable security.

Designed for broadcasting content
Conax Core Access has been designed with a feature set optimized for broadcast operators on satellite, cable and terrestrial across the global market. It provides high security also for one-way networks, and does not require a return channel.

Features optimized for broadcast operators

  • Live-TV including SD, HD premium or 4K/UHD content
  • Multiple business models – Subscription, Pay-Per-View, Prepaid, Rental, Voucher
  • Value added services – PVR, Messaging and Fingerprinting
  • Secure client in purpose-built secure processor

Improve your bottom line
With no physical parts, Core Access helps cut down on cost of personnel and customer service calls optimizing the cost of logistics. It helps operators achieve healthier margins by controlling the overall spend on shipping, installation and customer service. Core Access can easily co-exist with Conax Smart Cards in an operation using Conax Contego, the unified security management system. Contego provides the same configuration and interfaces for Core Access as for Smart Cards.

Strong Security in a one-way operation
Core Access completed Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit™ – a multi-phase audit encompassed a 360-degree on-site review of Conax, including product, people and processes, operations in-and-after-deployment and security infrastructure. The report states that this client is suitable for premium HD content and for 4K/UHD linear content for pay-TV DVB operations.
Conax Core Access is based on a combination of secure software and secure hardware. It performs security sensitive computing within a dedicated secure processor using hardware root-of-trust. The hardware root-of-trust enhances the protection of security sensitive parameters, such as keys and identities and protects the client software, preventing illicit cloning and tampering.
The software in the Core Access client is fully upgradable through over-the-air update of the STB software. This enables the security client to evolve in parallel to changing business and security needs.