New white paper: Content security as a Service
Achieve significant business advantages without compromising on security

For years, pay-TV operators relied upon on-premises conditional access systems (CAS) to meet the strict requirements of content owners and assure protection of their offerings. But the pay-TV market is evolving rapidly. With the arrival of new competitors and a shift in viewer expectations, traditional pay-TV operators need to adapt their content protection strategy.

Recently, software as a service (SaaS) has emerged as a viable solution. Hosting part or all of their security services off-site, operators can achieve the flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies needed to be competitive in the broadcast and OTT multiscreen space.

This paper will provide a comprehensive summary of the different SaaS options available for content protection, outlining the key challenges operators face, advantages of transitioning to SaaS, and requirements in a cloud-based security platform that is fully managed and operated by an experienced technology vendor.

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