Cablemás strengthens VOD expansion and strategic partnership with Conax Xtend Multiscreen™
Positioning Mexico’s 2nd largest pay-TV platform for secure, advanced new multiscreen service offerings

Mexico City, May 28th, 2013: Conax, a leading global provider of solutions for securing multi-device and digital video content distribution, today announced that Mexican cable operator Cablemás is further expanding their VOD platform with Conax Xtend Multiscreen™. In a contract with security partner Conax, Cablemás, Mexico’s 2nd largest operator, is continuing its aggressive market approach by rolling out additional VOD content to the residential and hospitality segment to a multiscreen savvy consumer looking for advanced broadband services. The platform’s Hybrid STBs are being provided by Evolution Digital. 

Conax Xtend Multiscreen solution offers not only VOD solutions, but also advanced services such as Catch up, Live TV, nPVR and multiscreen. Conax will be demonstrating the benefits offered by the Xtend Multiscreen ecosystem this week at Canitec 2013, in Mexico City. 

Owned by power-house Televisa, Latin America’s 2nd  largest media company, Cablemás currently serves over 1.6 million pay-TV subscribers, 315,000 VoIP customers, and 600,000 broadband customers, in more than 50 cities across Mexico.

Integrating the VOD part of the Conax Xtend Multiscreen solution will provide Cablemás with flexibility to add more local content to their platform and add a rich library to their Hospitality and Residential markets.

Rohit Mehra, VP Americas, Conax, “Over the last few years, working hand-in- hand  with the  team at Cablemás and our strategic partners Evolution Digital and Cubiware for middleware, we continue to evolve and foster innovative and future-driven solutions for guiding Cablemas through digitization and beyond for realizing new revenue channels and churn protection. Conax and partners are privileged to work with the forward-thinking and skilled team at Cablemás.”

The partnership is enabling Cablemás to revolutionize its growth and penetration of the digital TV market by providing advanced services to consumers throughout Mexico. Cablemás continues to develop for a quality product offering and customization, both in packaging and user interface. The operator is providing a consumer experience and a vision for the future. higher security and a simple, yet elegant Video-on-Demand offering and market differentiator, enabled reduce churn and illegal distribution, and increase revenue through premium VOD content – while continuing to add new features and solutions, such as a bouquet of value-added triple play services.

Cablemás selected the Conax Xtend Multiscreen platform from the Conax portfolio of security-focused solutions to add more flexibility to their current VOD platform. The Hybrid STBs are being provided by Evolution Digital, while the Conax Xtend Multiscreen platform is built on Conax conditional access for content protection and DRM, and bundles Content Management and a highly flexible portal/Middleware and User Interface from forward-thinking partners MPS Broadband and Cubiware. Cablemás has chosen an encoding and head end platform from Harmonic and CDN from Juniper. Evolution Digital, Conax   and Cubiware will handle the integration of the Conax Xtend Multiscreen solution and new hybrid boxes into the Cablemás operations.

Conax has worked with long-term partner Evolution Digital for the best-of-breed hybrid STBs. Following initial deployment of SD and HD 1-way STBs in 2010 and 2011, Cablemás embarked on a new journey aimed at enabling subscribers with an attractive array of VOD services in 2012, using the Avail-TVN Content Management System and content sourced from Avail-TVN (now Vubiquity). All the STBs being used by Cablemás for enhanced services are Hybrid DVB C / IP from Evolution Digital and they are a mix of HD only, HD PVR and HD DOCSIS. Conax provides the VOD security with content is delivered using Adaptive bit rate technology.

Cablemás media contact
Allan Ituarte Hesles, Planning and Investor Relations Manager
E-mail: aituarte@Cablemá
Tel: +52 (55) 4121 8335

Conax media contact
Leslie Johnsen, Head of Public Relations & Communications
Mob: +47 41 45 80 43

About Cablemás Telecomunicaciones (
is the second-largest cable television operator in Mexico based on number of subscribers and homes passed. Cablemás serves 1.6 cable television subscribers, 600,000 high speed internet subscribers and 315,000 telephone services with over 3.4 million homes passed. Cablemás is the concessionaire with the broadest coverage in Mexico, operating in more than 50 cities throughout the country’s residential, industrial and tourism regions as of 2′Q-2010. Cablemás has consistently introduced innovative products in Mexico being the first cable operator in the country to provide a “Triple Play” bundled service package of cable television, high speed internet and telephony. More information about Cablemás can be found at www.Cablemá

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Conax provides the future-oriented security solutions and expertise that empower multi-screen digital TV content providers around the globe to deliver premium content over the combined Over-The-Top scenario of broadcast, broadband and connected devices securely and eliminate potential revenue threats. Conax Contego™ portfolio of solutions furnish content providers, cable, satellite, IP, mobile and terrestrial operators with solutions that offer a competitive advantage – reduced hardware costs, easy deployment and upgrade, including Conax OTT and multiscreen solutions Conax Contego Unite™ and Conax   Xtend Multiscreen™.  Conax flagship, Conax Contego™, bundles 25 years of pioneering experience into one unique solution to guide operators in navigating and realizing new business models. Through its benchmark policy for security-evaluated client devices and strategic partner network, Conax technology secures
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