Videonet video interview: "More UEX choices in a pre-integrated multiscreen ecosystem, and cardless security for untrusted middlewares"

Conax already had a pre-integrated, end-to-end multiscreen ecosystem solution (Conax Xtend) but Conax Arena gives service providers more flexibility, especially when creating their UEX using pre-integrations with Accedo, TiVo, Beenius and OpenTV. Here, Tor Helge Kristiansen, EVP & Principle Architect at Conax, describes the new solution and what his company’s new cardless security client, Conax Prime Access, offers that its existing cardless client (Conax Core Access) does not. Harnessing a trusted execution environment (TEE), Prime Access isolates Pay TV services from untrusted middleware environments, making it ideal for use with Android STBs, and it meets the MovieLabs specs to secure early-release VOD and other ultra-premium content.

Link to video interview with John Moulding, Editor of Videonet and Tor Helge Kristiansen, EVP Principle Architect at Conax

Videonet interview with Tor Helge K from Conax_Sept17_400x222

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