Conditional Access Module (CAM)

Conax has chosen the three largest CAM manufacturers using advanced security to supply CI and CI+ CAMs to our customers. Customers can choose between any of the three manufacturers, and purchase the CAMs directly from Conax. Conax evaluates and grades the CAM to ensure operability and quality. This ensures the security of the product and the integration to the head-end system. There is also a wide array of packaging options that customers can choose from. A CAM is often used as a STB replacement, and is typically used for the second TV, as it is very economic voltage vise, and requires no additional antennas. The CAM is unique in other areas, as there are no cables or remote control.

NEOTION, French high-tech company, is a leading provider of MPEG-4 Secure Silicon System-on-a-Chip fulfilling the highest grade of Security for Pay TV and VOD defined by Conax. NEOTION provides turnkey CI and [CI Plus] Modules enabling innovative solution for Operators such as IP, DVR, VOD applications. NEOTION is an active Member of DVB Project, CI Plus LLP, OpenIPTV forum, etc.

SmarDTV is an international leader in consumer electronic devices for pay television. SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group company, is an international leader in pay television technology. SmarDTV designs and manufactures a large range of Set-Top-Box (STB) solutions and CI / CI Plus plug-in modules which enable access to premium digital pay-TV services whether delivered through broadcast or broadband IP. A founding member of CI Plus LLP, SmarDTV is headquartered in Switzerland with development and sales offices in France, Germany, China, and Singapore

Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co., Ltd. (SmiT)
A high-tech company from China, specialized in the development and sales of digital TV products from security CA chips to integrated DTV system solutions. SMiT first developed the complete home-made DTV Conditional Access modules (CAM) and obtained 10 CAS Certification already. SMiT is also the key member of the national committee of China’s Common Interface Standard.