Conax Newsletter No. 3/ 2017; Securing content through entire value chain - from origin to consumption

Conax and new subsidiary DVnor joining forces
The threats to the content creation and distribution value chain are in continuous evolvement – where historically the distribution to end user devices was seen as the weakest link, security breaches now occur at every step in the content lifecycle. We have only experienced the beginning of this, and the value lost is rapidly increasing. At Conax, and together with the other entities in the Kudelski Group, we are seeing a clear need to expand content and revenue protection to cover all parts of the chain.

Last year’s acquisition of NexGuard and its watermarking technology represented a big step forward – in May this year we took another leap when we acquired media asset management services company DVnor. A now wholly-owned subsidiary of Conax, DVnor is uniquely positioned to serve content producers and distributors with highly scalable technologies for metadata handling, transcoding, storage and distribution – and will, combined with the solutions of Conax and the Kudelski Group, bring new, innovative and secure solutions both to traditional and emerging pay-TV providers, but also to content producers and distributors.

We firmly believe this is crucial to ensure the continued success for the content industry – fulfilling our vision of a prospering world of entertainment and media – secure and accessible.

Stay tuned for more details on joint offerings from Conax and DVnor and read more in our June Newsletter on our newest solutions, ransomware advice, value-added partnerships and latest initiatives – all aimed at helping our customers grow into the future!

- Morten Solbakken, President & CEO, Conax

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