Conax Newsletter No. 2 / 2017; Video entertainment industry will continue to grow; "disruption an opportunity not to be missed"

Based on a recent survey from TV Connect, Editor Andy Fry writes that “increased video consumption is driving revenue across pay-TV, OTT and mobile”.  “With mobile, VR and other disruptive forces at play, understanding how to adapt is crucial in the connected entertainment industry.” Key learnings from the report also find that disruption is a commercial and creative opportunity, entertainment industry growth will continue and mobile is front of mind.

Tapping the connected entertainment value chain
With a healthy prognosis for video consumption led by OTT and mobile, tech trends may play an important role in increasing content consumption. An example is Google’s plan to launch the voice-controlled Google Assistant for Android devices – a presumably intuitive tool for consumers to find desired content on popular devices. It will be more important than ever for pay-TV operators, content owners and others in the connected entertainment value chain to identify and employ solutions that aid in adapting their business to new technologies and disruptors.

Conax is helping operators embrace disruptor opportunities
Protection of premium content shouldn’t be compromised by enhanced viewer experience. Conax is providing expert guidance and flexible, holistic and fast-to-market solutions to ensure operators can manage the complexity of OTT and mobile content delivery – and provide a world-class connected entertainment experience for content-savvy consumers.

I’d like to invite you to read more about our newest solutions, operator launches and value-added partnerships all aimed at helping our customers grow into the future.

- Morten Solbakken, President & CEO, Conax

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