Conax Newsletter No. 1 / 2017; IPTV market poised for significant growth - Conax offering next generation approach

Until now, the market for IPTV subscriptions has been relatively small compared to other content distribution technologies – and with a substantial portion of the business based in China. Looking forward, researchers are predicting a boom in subscriptions and an IPTV market poised for significant growth. A recent Zion Research report suggests the global IPTV market will grow in value from $34 billion in 2015 to $93 billion in 2021; approximately 18% CAGR in the period.

A new IPTV scenario is developing: A wide and evolving variety of distribution networks, device types and security requirements involved in delivering a premium television experience require next generation technologies for delivering content. Thus, the correct technology and solutions must be available to enable operators to reduce operational complexity and cost, boost their ability to swiftly launch new offerings, and maximize competitive edge and viewership in a connected world.

New approach to launching IPTV services
Our focus is on empowering operators to concentrate on their core business – serving content savvy consumers – by providing secure solutions that facilitate easy adoption of new technologies and services, while reducing cost and complexity. Conax is offering the next generation, multi-purpose Conax Connected Access security solution, uniting CA and DRM in a single-security client. Employing advanced security mechanisms for platform protection, our unique solution provides operators with a highly flexible security architecture, simple integration and reduced time to market enabling operators to capitalize on delivering content over connected DVB, IPTV, or OTT networks.

I’d like to invite you to read more about the latest from Conax in our January Newsletter including our new comprehensive IPTV whitepaper. Stay tuned for a great 2017 and more on how Conax can help your operations grow and prosper!

- Morten Solbakken, President & CEO, Conax

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