Conax enables Android to be a secure & real option for pay TV operators looking for a next generation TV platform by using Conax’ hardware-based separation technologies combined with security evaluations conducted by third party security experts.

With 30 years of security experience, Conax is ideally positioned to provide the best end-to-end solutions possible for your Android-based broadcast-OTT operations. All Conax solutions are based on the proven and future-proof Conax Contego security backend and an open partner policy. Securing Android STBs according to the strict requirements for broadcast operations is a highly complex task. Operators will benefit from using security experts such as Conax to manage the security needs of their current operations and plan a reliable roadmap to the future.

Check out the interview with Conax’ security expert Tor Helge Kristiansen on securing Android in pay-TV operations


Android provides the following benefits for the pay-TV operator:

  • Access to apps & services
  • A world of apps (3000+) – tailored for a 10-feet lean back experience
  • Boost user engagement with improved user experience
  • Expanded monetization opportunities
  • Retain attention of subscriber over HDMI1
  • Shorter time to market for new features & services
  • Consumer awareness of Android from the smartphone segment

Android is a great platform for TV operators, but there are significant security issues to overcome. Due to the mandatory inclusions and requirements set by Google for licensing Android, conflicts with industry-standard STB security requirements can arise. This can lead to serious implications for broadcast operations, which are the main source of revenues for Pay-TV operators.

Connectable set-top-boxes being open to third-party apps, present an increased piracy threat surface. Additionally, pay-TV operators are required to meet stricter MovieLabs ECP guidelines for premium content, to eliminate piracy and content redistribution issues on connected devices. Leveraging the trend towards set-top-boxes with advanced middleware solutions like Android TV, Open TV, RDK and others, Conax Lynx adds a layer of secure control allowing operators to securely embed OTT services in the same set-top-box offering, without interfering with the DVB content. Operators can thus focus on delivering rich end-user experience on the devices, resulting in reduced churn and increased ARPU.

Conax can provide your operation with:

  • Unique security architecture for Android
  • Conax Lynx – CA/DRM pre-embedded into chipset utilizing TEE for security isolation
  • Security guidance
  • Security evaluations

For more information, please download the Android Security White Paper. The white paper discusses the threats to security in Android-based STBs posed by the combined broadcast-OTT environment and by Google’s requirements, and how these security issues can be resolved.