Conax Contego content security management system supports an end-to-end forensic watermarking solution for protecting premium content revenues.

The Conax Open Watermarking Framework is a feature of Conax Contego that seamlessly integrates watermarking technology from any partner. For the first implementation of the Conax Open Watermarking Framework we have teamed up with SmarDTV, NexGuard and Kudelski Security. SmarDTV, a Kuldelski Group company, is an international leader in devices enabling reception of pay-TV. NexGuard, a Civolution company, is the leading forensic watermarking specialist and Kudelski Security, a cyber-security specialist, offers forensic and anti-piracy services required to track down the source of watermark-protected content.

The new UHD/4K compliant Conax-secured end-to-end forensic watermarking solution is aimed at enabling operators interested in acquiring premium UHD/4K or other premium content rights to meet MovieLabs’s rigorous recommendations.


  • End-to-End solution
  • Supporting live & on-demand content
  • Enables integration of any watermarking technology or partner
  • Compatible with 4K & UHD content
  • Fulfilling MovieLabs requirements
  • Part of Conax Contego security platform

Watermarking is a vital part of a holistic security solution providing operators with the comprehensive tools for forensic monitoring and tracking the sources of illicit distribution of video content. All Conax content security services are based on the future-ready, highly flexible and modular Conax Contego security platform.

Jean-Philippe Plantevin, Senior Vice President Products & Solutions, NexGuard; “We are pleased to be working with leading technology providers Conax, Kudelski Security and SmarDTV to leverage a complete security ecosystem from A-Z for operators to track and identify illegal re-distribution and, in turn, protect their premium content revenues.”