Conax Cardless
Conax Cardless provides high content security and operational efficiency without a physical smart card in the Set-Top-Box. It is an alternative to Conax Smart Cards for one-way broadcast operations on Satellite, Cable and DTT.

Conax Cardless is based on a combination of secure software and secure hardware. The Cardless client is a part of the Conax Contego portfolio of Secure Clients that includes content security for smart phones and tablets, PCs and MACs, CAMs and STBs.

Conax Cardless is fully integrated in Conax Contego meaning that Conax Smart Cards and Conax Cardless can seamlessly co-exist in an operator’s ecosystem based on a single security back-end. There is a common configuration of products and subscriptions, consistent handling of business rules across all CA clients when both Cardless and Smart Cards are set up in a Simulcrypt configuration.

The Cardless client is fully upgradable through over-the-air update of the STB software.

Cardless features:

  • Supports SD and HD Live-TV
  • Subscription management
  • Pay-Per-View
  • PVR
  • Maturity Rating
  • Messaging
  • Fingerprinting

Conax has long experience with testing and hardening STBs and extensive in-house competence in designing security solutions based on both hardware and software security. We have combined this with a careful selection of chipset partners delivering best-in-class security components resulting in a wide selection of STBs in different price ranges available to operators.

Current Conax Cardless partners: