Conax Connected Access
Delivering pay-TV to a modern household has become increasingly complex. To be competitive and adding value to your service in today`s pay-TV market you will need to offer a wide set of interactive services like on-demand, time-shifting and pay-per-view on top of broadcasting regular linear content. All of these services require two-way connectivity and advanced content security.

The Conax Connected access is a multi-purpose premium security client tailored to eliminate the complexity of securing a modern pay- TV service. Its unique flexibility allows it to handle both the Conditional Access and the DRM security in a hybrid STB. Combined with the unified security hub Conax Contego the client will offer a unified protection environment across all devices, networks and use cases.

Learn how Conax is guiding operators in integrating IPTV services to their existing service offerings. Conax is working with partners such as Amino to deploy the Conax Connected Access security technology at Vodafone Iceland to secure premium 4K UHD content.


Flexibility is essential
With the fast-changing pay-TV market quickly adapting to new technologies and service offerings is becoming one of the key assets for pay-TV operators. Connected Access offers flexibility on several different areas; security level, distribution technology, and in deployment options.

The Connected Access client is built on flexible security architecture capable of delivering different levels of security depending on the requirements and available technology in each device, from free-to-air content to the strict security requirements for 4K/UHD content.

The client also supports all distribution technologies where you have two-way connectivity, such as IPTV, Connected DVB and ABR Streaming. The pay-TV operator can even have a mix of different distribution technologies and Connected Access client can be used to combine all of these into the easy-to-manage content security system Conax Contego.

Both Conax Contego and Connected Access are highly modular and can be used to stage the deployment of features and services. You may start introducing traditional linear pay-TV for STBs and add interactive services and OTT for STBs when needed. The Connected Access client can also be used to add or replace other security clients in already deployed STBs upgrading both the security and features.