Conax Smart Cards
With any digital TV operation, you need to be sure of first class content security. The traditional and proven method of securing broadcast pay-TV in STBs and TVs is Smart Cards.

Conax Smart Cards are specialized tamper resistant cryptographic devices used to control access to the content on STBs and TVs. Based on plus 25 years of experience and continuous development, they are the best way to secure your operation. To complete the security ecosystem based on Smart Cards, and to ensure the highest level of security and widest device availability we work closely with both DVB chipset manufacturers and security certification laboratories.

Chipset pairing
Today, consumer devices are the weakest link in the security chain. Low security consumer devices can easily be exploited in the form of card sharing, STB hijacking or illegal redistribution of both live and stored content. So at Conax, we place extra emphasis on security that goes all the way through to the device itself.

Conax pioneered the introduction of chipset pairing – the cryptographic coupling of a device and a smart card that prevents the illicit sharing of control words among other consumer devices. We work closely with all major DVB chipset manufacturers to provide a wide range of security-certified chipsets which support Conax Chipset Pairing – the most effective way to protect content all the way through to the consumer.

Security evaluations
As part of our open consumer device policy, we assist a wide range of Conax STB partners in creating devices with an additional level of security using Hardware-root-of-trust and Trusted Execution Environments when possible. Conax defines detailed specifications to ensure that the security of consumer devices is as robust as possible. The manufacturers then design and implement these specifications and requirements into their products. Conax then verifies the integrity and security of consumer devices with the help of independent, world-leading security laboratories.

We also guide our customers in finding consumer devices that suit their operation based on a combination of factors – security, quality, functionality and price. This dual approach means that our customers can be absolutely sure of making an informed decision.