Conditional Access Module (CAM)
As most family budgets do not allow for high end STBs for all TVs, it is not surprising that Conditional Access Modules (CAM) have made a big comeback for secondary screens in the home. The high security standard provided by the CAM is the same as that of a smart card in an STB.

Subscribers benefit

The CAM is one of the most user-friendly consumer devices for accessing digital broadcast content in the market today. A subscriber can easily start watching scrambled TV content by inserting the CAM in the Common Interface (CI) slot on the back of the TV along with the smart card. There is no need for any additional remote control, Set-Top-Box or extra cabling. The CAM is very suitable for a 2nd or 3rd TV, as well as the main TV. The low power consumption of the CAM ensures a very eco-friendly option to most Set-Top-Boxes.

All of the different CAMs are seamlessly integrated and compatible with the various editions of Conax Contego. Conax Contego is a highly flexible and scalable content protection system for satellite, cable, terrestrial, IP and OTT networks. The CAM performs decoding of the Conax encrypted media content delivered to any TV with a digital tuner.

Switching from Analogue to Digital distribution

The CAM should be an important part of the portfolio of consumer devices when any TV distributor is digitizing its analogue infrastructure. The CAM is one of the cheapest options to convert analogue subscribers to digital. CAMs have been compatible with all IDTVs since 2009, and any household with an IDTV can therefore easily access a basic or premium TV package including HD channels. The low price and high compatibility with IDTVs will enable the operator to invest in a larger subscriber base, even when a subsidized policy is in place.

Different options for operator branding are also available with the CAM, similar to most Set-Top-Boxes. There are some options for the operator to customize the look and feel of the user interface, as well as a wide range of customized retail packaging, labelling and promotion options.

Extend the service offering

Pay-TV operators are continuously searching for new ways to increase their average revenue per user (ARPU). One important way to accomplish this is to extend the service offering, basic and premium packages, beyond the first Set-Top-Box. The CAM is a great way to handle this challenge and should be an element of an operator’s client device portfolio. Most 2nd or 3rd TVs are used for broadcast only and are highly compatible with the features in the CAM.

The next generation advanced versions of the CAM enhance the user experience with nPVR, Pause, Replay, Fast Forward and Rewind, personalized channel list, and a PIN code on individual channels.