Conax Contego as a Service
Conax cloud-based content protection, Contego as a Service, can reduce the need for large investments and enable a fast deployment of new pay-TV features


Changes in viewing behavior in addition to new device innovations is creating a necessity for content and service providers to find new ways to serve consumers. By outsourcing the content security, it enables you to have an increased focus on the core commercial aspects of your business as well as removing unnecessary barriers when launching new pay-TV features for your customers.

Our content protection platform Conax Contego is a sophisticated, fully scalable solution that supports any business model for any TV operation and a multitude of consumer devices. Contego can be delivered as a complete service offering drastically reducing CAPEX, in addition to increasing operational efficiency.

Contego as a Service would allow you to tailor and deploy features best suited your operation as well as providing you with the reassurance that skilled Conax professionals are monitoring and maintaining your system.

Subscribing to Contego as a Service enable delivering secure DVB, IPTV and OTT video to traditional broadcast devices like STBs, CAMs, and media gateways, but also to devices part of a multiscreen offering like tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and hybrid STBs.

The Conax Contego management system is accessed through a web based interface and lets you handle operational tasks like content and product management, client provisioning, CA scheduling, and system configuration. The management system is intuitive and provides all the control and insight you need to manage your operation.

Conax Contego is a generic content security platform designed to support any business model, any distribution technology, and a multitude of consumer devices. It features an extraordinary flexible and high level of security, which enables maximum protection of valuable content.