Conax Multi-DRM

Providing consumers with the option to view content on all available devices is becoming the norm for many TV operators. With the wide array of managed, unmanaged and other streaming devices combined with the fragmentation of different operating systems, video formats, and codecs it is quickly becoming a complex task to provide such a service. Securing this array of different devices and operating systems will also become complex. Most devices such as smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles have natively supported DRMs.

Conax Multi-DRM solution

The Conax Multi-DRM solution is an efficient way of reducing the complexity and combining all devices into one unified security scheme. This increases the usability for the TV operators, simplifies the DRM handling while increasing the overall security in the back-end. Conax Multi-DRM is an integrated part of Conax Contego with all the features any modern TV operator need to build a solution for the future.

Main benefits for TV operators with Conax Multi-DRM are:

  • Improved usability
  • Increased simplicity in the back-end
  • Improved Security
  • Future-proof solution

Conax Multi-DRM is DRM agnostic and supports all major DRMs in the market, providing full range of device support to the operators


Elements of Conax Multi-DRM


For more info, download the brochure.

Test different HTML5 players

We have made a website where anyone can test and see how the different players from our key partners are supported by Conax Contego Multi-DRM. Take a look at the different player implementations here.