World-class security for the expanding pay-TV universe.

The digital TV landscape is changing rapidly. Yet one thing remains the same – the need for total security. Conax Contego™ provides the ultimate protection for your content and revenue, now and in the future. Our world class content protection platform is a sophisticated, fully scalable solution that supports any business model for any TV operation and a multitude of consumer devices.

Ultimate flexibility
Conax Contego™ scales horizontally, which means you can easily increase capacity and performance simply by adding hardware as your operations develops and grows. The open architecture of Conax Contego™ offers easy integration with surrounding systems to enable any business model or distribution technology. It also gives you room to expand your subscriber base or your product range to any level you wish. In addition, our open policy for consumer devices means there is a wide variety of highly secure broadcast and hybrid STBs and CAMs to choose from. Conax Contego™ also makes it easy to secure devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and connected TVs.

Smart Cards and Cardless in the same operation
Conax Cardless STBs and Conax Smart Card based STBs can co-exist in an operation using Conax Contego™ as the common security back-end. Conax Contego™ provides the same configuration and interfaces for Cardless as for Smart Cards.

Conax Cardless is the latest addition to the highly flexible and future-proof content security solution Conax Contego™. By utilizing a combination of secure software and secure hardware, Conax Cardless provides high content security without a physical smart card in the STB. Conax Cardless is especially designed for broadcast operator on Satellite, Cable and DTT, and does not require a return channel for the CA processing.

An edition to suit you
Whatever your size of operation, there’s a Conax Contego™ edition to fit. Choose the best option for your requirements from our different editions of Conax Contego™ – Lite, Broadcast, Plus or Unite.


Conax Contego™ Subscription is a function that provides the option to sell content services using subscription business models, supporting time-limited, pre-loaded and open-ended subscription. Subscriptions can be given to content such as single TV channel and multiple TV channels through product packages, and gives a particular consumer access to the content as well as renewing the access for subsequent months if the criteria for access are met.

Conax Contego™ Pairing is a security extension to Conax Contego™ providing a cryptographic coupling between smart cards and consumer devices so that they only accept smart cards they have been paired with. The Pairing security extension prevents Control Word sharing, STB hijacking and the use of pirate cards in the consumer device.

Conax Contego™ Messaging is an extension to Conax Contego™ enabling DTV operators to send short text messages to one or several subscribers. Messages are displayed on the TV screen. Messaging can be displayed as instant messages, in a mailbox or as a scheduled message. These messages can typically be used to inform a subscriber that a subscription is about to expire, to broadcast important information from the DTV operator, and to promote a product or feature.

Conax Contego™ Fingerprinting is a security extension to Conax Contego™ providing a mechanism for instructing the STB to impose a visible fingerprint into the video frame. Fingerprinting can be used to reveal the smart card that has decrypted the content. By tracking the fingerprint, you can find the source of illegally redistributed content.

Conax Contego™ Pay Per View is an extension to Conax Contego™ that provides the option to sell access to content for a limited time period through billing, vouchers or tokens. This enables an operator to sell access to individual events or products on a TV channel, such as a sports event.

Conax Contego™ DRM Control is a security extension to Conax Contego™ providing a mechanism to control what the consumer is allowed to do with the content, such as copy control, trick-play control or export control.

Conax Contego™ Centralized CAS is an extension to Conax Contego™ enabling multiple DTV operators to share a single installation of Conax Contego™. Centralized CAS allows you to create multiple DTV operators and optionally share TV and radio channels, smart cards and STBs.

Conax Contego™ Video on Demand is an extension to Conax Contego™ providing the option to sell access to content when it is requested by the subscriber. The content can be sold for a limited time period, as a subscription, or as a combination of the two.

Conax Contego™ OTT Live-TV, OTT VoD and OTT Catch-up TV are extensions to Conax Contego™ providing the option to sell access to and distribute content via OTT networks in a secure manner. The content can be delivered securely to media-enabled, broadband-connected consumer devices.

Consumer devices that are currently supported are:

  • PC and MAC
  • iOS clients
  • Hybrid STB
  • Android clients