Conax Secure Client
Over the Top (OTT) services enables completely new possibilities for content distributors to capitalize on revenue streams from their customers.

OTT will play an important role in allowing consumers to access content in the way they want, adding value to their pay-TV subscriptions, and realizing the desire to consume content “anytime, anywhere”. In addition to providing a beautiful and intuitive user experience, these services must also be transported securely to the tablets, smartphones or STBs in order to protect both the content and the revenue.

The challenges are many, including illegal content redistribution and other forms of piracy, acquiring attractive content rights for premium content, and providing one-for-all security solutions that cover all the various devices on the market.The SDK for the Conax Secure Clients provides the framework for the content distributor to easily integrate Conax content security into their OTT operation.

Protect the OTT client with proven content security
The SDK for Conax Secure Clients contains a Conax security hardened PlayReady Client and will handle all communication between the streaming server and the native player. It is built according to Conax’ strict security requirements, and fully conforms to Microsoft’s Compliance and Robustness rules as well as the additional security requirements from the major Hollywood studios and other content providers. By utilizing advanced security technologies such as obfuscation, key smearing, variability, renewability, secure storage, secure time, optimized cryptography and more, Conax has increased the security level of the OTT client to the high standards that Conax has become known for.

Using this SDK the operator can easily provide an OTT app with a world-class security solution and protect both revenue and content. The services supported in the SDK for Conax Secure Clients needed to offer a true “anytime, anywhere” experience to the end users, includes:

  • VOD
  • OTT Live TV
  • Catch-up TV
  • nPVR

End-to-end security
The SDK for Conax Secure Clients is pre-integrated with Conax Contego™. This means a shorter time to market for those operations running on a Conax Contego™ solution, saving you development costs and enabling you to earn revenues quickly.

The SDK for Conax Secure Clients will handle:

  • all security processing in the client
  • certificate, royalty and license handling
  • stream decryption
  • all fulfillment of content rights

Freedom of choice with secure OTT apps for a wide range of devices
The SDK for Conax Secure Clients can be used to create secure OTT apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and for most Android-based smartphones and tablets, as well as for hybrid STBs.

Securing content, sustaining magic
For operators who want to provide multiscreen solutions, Conax provides the future-oriented security solutions and expertise necessary to deliver the combined OTT scenario of broadcast, broadband, and multiple connected devices. With this in mind, the operator can focus on their core business – providing the best user experience for the customers – without having to worry about the security needs.