TV is truly out of the box. Today more and more consumers expect access to content at their convenience – a trend driving the pay-TV market towards TV Anywhere business models. It’s no longer what to consume when, but when to consume what.

Delivering TV Anywhere
The entertainment options for consumers are proliferating fast – time-shifted TV such as catch-up and start-over programs stored locally on PVRs or streamed from cloud-based services, pay-per-view for live events or early-release VOD, and even YouTube video clips delivered directly to the TV screen.

Exploit the possibilities
Managing multiple devices, multiple content sources, multiple delivery networks, subscriptions and purchases is not a simple task. To take advantage of the possibilities offered by TV Anywhere, your technical solution needs to allow for:

  • Compatibility of multiple devices, with a single point of billing
  • Usability and interactivity by the end user
  • High quality VOD and live TV to any device
  • Centralized  catch-up and start-over services
  • Home Networking solutions for sharing or streaming content between devices

Most importantly, it needs to give you a secure and robust foundation to acquire the premium content your customers demand.

Conax offers pre-integrated as well as highly customized solutions, enabling pay-TV operators to monetize the Multiscreen scenario and offer a convenient entertainment experience for subscribers.

Secure and pre-integrated solutions
Conax GO Live is a complete entry level, end-to-end solution for all pay-TV operators and telco’s aiming to stream live channels to iOS and Android devices. The solution enables the operators to start building experience and carefully expand the service offering to a complete and feature rich OTT service. Conax GO Live supports live streaming of TV channels and includes an application (app) with a user-friendly interface, a channel list, EPG and start-over TV.