Conax Xtend Multiscreen
Today’s consumers expect and demand video content anywhere, anytime and on any device. Conax Xtend Multiscreen™ can provide your pay-TV operation with a secure multiscreen experience.

Conax Xtend Multiscreen is an advanced turn-key solution for pay-TV operators to enable OTT multiscreen services and streamline them with DVB operations. Low initial investment and pay-as-you-grow pricing model guarantee cost efficiency.

The feature-rich solution is easy to use and easy to deploy giving pay-TV operators a quick entry to market with new and exciting business opportunities.

Seamless integration of DVB and OTT
Unique, seamless user experience that enables you to offer all features on any device with the same look and feel.

Choose the features and device reach suited to your existing ecosystem or growth strategy. Currently supported features:

  • Live-TV with full EPG
  • Start-over
  • Catch-up
  • VOD (subscription or transactional)
  • nPVR
  • Widgets

Short Time-To-Market
Conax Xtend Multiscreen with its pre-integrated ecosystem can be delivered within 100 days.

Designed for operators wanting to deploy an advanced TV service platform with moderate initial investment.

Utilizes a pricing model which enables you to start small, upgrading as your customer base grows.