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Broadband TV News: "Conax delivers on Multiscreen promise"
June 13, 2012 08.32 Europe/London By Julian Clover ANGA CABLE 2012 – Cologne. Conax has given details of its heavily trailed pre-integrated solution for advanced multiscreen services. Xtend Multiscreen has been developed in partnership with Cubiware and MPS Broadband and is being targeted at operators looking to launch advanced TV services securely to connected devices

Tor Helge Kristiansen, Conax director of product management, said the challenge was to offer what the consumer wanted through an experience that integrated multiple products.

“Conax has always focussed on security, anything else we can do with partners, but we are changing our strategy to be more proactive, and this is just the first of a number of such solutions we’ll launch in the future.”

The MPS Broadband contribution comes in the form of a peer to peer technology initially developed by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Technical University of Cairo.

CTO Pontus Ekhof explained the traffic was put as far back in the network as possible; maximum efficiency was reached at 30 users with diminishing returns at 500. Pools of users are created in the same locality.

The Polish Cubiware is contributing the middleware; it has previously worked with Conax on projects for Toya (Poland), DNA (Finland) and Cablemas (Mexico).

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