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Conax part of recent Euromedia "STB and Smart TV Survey 2013" sponsored by Advanced Television
Euromedia Survey: Can STBs really become the centre of the connected consumer's home, or do they risk losing out to games consoles and Smart TVs? How must they develop to maintain their importance?

With Digital Switchover complete in the major European territories, viewers are largely accessing their content via set-top boxes or connected, ‘Smart’ TVs. What role will such devices play, with some companies suggesting they will not serve unprofitable markets, TV sets reportedly remaining unconnected, and the cloud increasingly becoming both the storage and intelligence? Euromedia asked a range of industry experts for their views on the sector. Here are the initial findings of the Survey.

The survey includes feedback from a wide variety of market players. Here is some input to the survey from Conax:

  • Conax:STBs will in many cases become the centre of the living-room. Serving in-home multiscreen devices through a media-gateway STB has some clear advantages over doing OTT multiscreen. For the operator, mediagateway STBs can offer advantages related to content rights, bandwidth use, QoS for linear that say “we have deployed our last STB”. In the short-term the STB can offer a more complete end-to-end experience that better integrates live broadcast though this differentiator will fade quite quickly.”
  • Conax: “Conax: Companion devices will in many cases replace the traditional remote control in the living room. Applications running on smart phones and tablets can enrich the experience by offering additional information to the on-going programme, like biographies of a team’s players, or display targeted ads.”
  • Conax: A retail market requires an interoperable and standardised STB / gateway platform for apps/middleware, security, etc – or standardized mechanisms that enable STBs to be customised for an operator in the field. This is a long way off, especially for advanced STBs such as gateways. But standards such as HbbTV, DLNA and CI + could become key enablers for such a retail market.

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