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Convergence India 2017 Show Daily
Conax: "Balancing the need for security and convenience of use is a tremendous task"

What key challenges and new requirements are emerging in cable operators’ content security requirements?

The biggest challenge is still related to the complexity of the ecosystem due to a heterogeneous device market. To satisfy device and content hungry consumers, today operators are expected to provide a consistent and rich user experience on any device selected by the consumer. Smartphones, tablets and browsers are increasingly vertically integrated into vendor ecosystems, while in order for an operator to successfully deliver OTT content to such devices he needs to cope with variances in video encoding formats, streaming formats and DRM technologies. Balancing the need for security and convenience of use in such a complex ecosystem is a tremendous task for any operator.

How much investment should operators need to make in the area of security, whether small or larger, well-resourced operations?

Good content protection security is still the most important element in ensuring healthy revenue streams for operators of any size. The ability to collect payment from consumers accessing your service and eliminating non-paying consumers’ access to the content or service is vital. While availability of good platform DRM clients limits the necessary investment on the device side, it is increasingly important to invest in strong, scalable security back-end solutions to cope with the complexity of addressing multiple devices with multiple DRM options. There are an increasing number of secure and flexible solutions available from experienced security providers such as Conax that enable operators of all sizes and varying levels of resources to start a secure and more advanced services operation to satisfy the growing demands of content and device-savvy consumers.

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