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Exclusive interview with Broadcast Pro Middle East and Tom Jahr, EVP Products, Conax
In an exclusive interview with BroadcastPro Middle East, Tom Jahr, EVP Products & Partners at Conax talks about the issues related to digital rights management of content and the consequent challenges for conditional access solutions providers.

By Vijaya Cherian | Jul 04, 2012

As a conditional access provider, what, according to you, are some of the top challenges manufacturers are looking to address today?

– There are several different aspects one needs to explore with set top boxes as they become more sophisticated. We need to look at various levels of security and digital rights management. today, one has the ability to record onto the hard drive of the set top box.

Then, there is content exploration and recommendations on what to watch rather than merely listing all of the available content.

Another aspect that is being looked at is what devices to record on and the nature of the recorded content. So, for instance, are you able to record and view content on tablets, smart phones, PCs and can you view it outside of your home?

Does the end user have a “Follow me” functionality? Can they begin watching a programme on one device and continue watching on another device? These are the issues we are looking to address today.

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