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KCCL offers Indian cable operators cardless security option with Conax

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Kerala Communicators Cable Ltd has started a pilot project to deploy the new Conax Cardless solution, which was launched in September at IBC. KCCL is a consortium of over 3,000 independent cable TV networks in Kerala, South India. The project includes upgrading KCCL’s existing Conax Contego security back-end to include support for the new cardless secure CA client (cardless is one of the client options for Conax Contego). Tom Jahr, EVP Products & Partner at Conax, explains: “Our aim is to enable KCCL to benefit from the best of both worlds, employing the cardless solution for low-end video content and smart card security for premium content.”

The project uses Coship set-top boxes with secure chipsets from ALi Corporation and complements the existing card-based STB population. Coship is one of the vendors in a portfolio of licensed STB partners for the Conax Cardless offering. The secure software is executed within a purpose-built hardware protected environment (Secure Execution Environment) within the ALi chipset, the main CPU in the set-top-box level of protection. The Coship set-top boxes have been Conax security evaluated. To enable rapid development of the cardless set-top-boxes from Coship and other STB vendors, Conax and ALi are providing a reference design with an embedded Conax Cardless security core.

KCCL operators represent 70% of cable TV services in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, a region with a population of 33 million people. The enhanced Conax Contego security hub means KCCL network operators can operate both smartcard and cardless clients and therefore grade the security requirements for different consumer groups and content. Conax Cardless is viewed as a cost-efficient solution for targeting low ARPU segments and enabling rapid digitization, as well as reducing churn.

Nassir Hassan Anwar, Director at KCCL, comments: “Upgrading our security will allow member operators to easily create new product offerings using cards or cardless clients based on varied consumer groups. The Conax solution will continue to give KCCL operators a future-proof, secure roadmap.”