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Mr. Nassir Hassan Anwar, Director, KCCL on Conax Cardless

- Mr. Nassir Hassan Anwar, Director, KCCL, “One year after deployment, we are quite pleased with our Conax Cardless operations. The new solution provides KCCL’s 3000 independent cable TV networks operators with a unique combination of hardware (security) and software security, not made available in some pure software products. Flexibility of the solution enabled us to seamlessly integrate the Conax Cardless security client into KCCL’s unified Conax Contego™ content protection operation.”

-“Our member operators can effortlessly create new bouquets using cards, or cardless clients, and easily differentiate between security requirements of diverse consumer groups and content value. It is a cost efficient solution enabling us to securely target low ARPU segments, enable rapid digitization in next phases and reduce churn. The Conax Contego security back-end enables KCCL to plan for expansion through additional secure content offerings, such as hybrid services, VOD, multiscreen and over-the-top content viewing.”