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NAB 2016: Conax debuts cloud service platform and 4K watermarking

Editor | 17 April 2016

Kudelski subsidiary Conax is taking advantage of NAB 2016 to introduce its new Contego as a Service cloud-based content protection service as well as an end-to-end protection solution for Ultra HD content.

The new Contego as a Service cloud-based content protection service is the latest offering of the company’s flagship Contego platform. Hosted, monitored and maintained by the content protection firm, the modular content security back-end is designed to provide operators with benefits such as low upfront CAPEX investment, short time-to-market and easy activation of additional features as their platform grows.

“Outsourcing the content security to Conax will allow operators to focus on their core business; providing competitive, future-oriented consumer services,” explained Conax EVP products and marketing Tom Jahr. “Highly modular, flexible content protection in the cloud will provide key operator business benefits such as premium scalability, easy integration of new advanced features and services, fast deployment and low investment in on-site hardware.”

The other key element on show at NAB will be a new joint end-to-end multiscreen solution with Conax’s middleware partner Mirada. This comprises a solution whereby a Conax multi-DRM back-end is integrated with Mirada’s TV everywhere platform, combining in one package broadcast and OTT services with premium consumer device options.

Conax will also be showcasing 4K/Ultra HD compliant end-to-end watermarking solutions combining market-leading watermarking technology and world-class forensic detection services from its parent company. Secured through Contego content protection technology, the solution enables operators to meet the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection requirements sanctioning access to high value 4K and Ultra HD content from Hollywood studios.

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