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Rapid TV News: Conax launches all-inclusive DRM portfolio for Latin America
Continuing its momentum in the region, Conax has announced what it calls “an all-inclusive strategy” for the Latin America pay-TV market.
Joseph  O’Halloran | 06-08-2013

The multi-device and digital video content protection firm is partnering with  systems integrator Bold  MSS to offer a cloud-based hosted IPTV solution, based on Conax Contego Unite security systems and  including middleware from Cubiware. With  its new offering Conax claims that operators of all sizes can readily embrace  new pay-TV solutions, launching advanced platforms with low capital expenditure  while positioning for market-differentiating offers such as over-the-top  (OTT), VOD, live TV, and multiscreen offerings. Conax added that its new  offering is appropriate for Latin American operators of all sizes.

“We are very excited by the tremendous demand for advanced services in Latin  America and the opportunity to help operators grow. When selecting a security  solution, operators should choose a partner with a solid security history and a  long record of profitability to assure themselves a strong future,” explained  Rohit Mehra, VP Americas, Conax.

“To help operators yield profits on their over-the-top (OTT) investments,  Conax is cultivating strategic partnerships to enable highly diverse pay-TV  market segments to earn on advanced on-demand offerings – through flexible,  fast-to-market and secure DRM solutions.”

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