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Streaming Media Magagine - European Edition: Conax, "IoT: Housejacking can be the next big threat to operators"
Operators take great measures to protect content, yet new generation pirates may have other goals …

Link to Winter 2016 issue-Streaming Media Magagine European Edition / Conax CEO page 78

New arenas for hackers & organized crime
Today refrigerators can notify that you are out of milk and washing machines can be managed from your office – creating a plethora of conveniences. However, the IoT and connected nature of all we own increases hackable IP addresses. High-profile incidents have occurred including the notorious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) hacks on Microsoft and PSN, and the recent, major cyberattack on Dyn causing damage worth $110 million (*per figures published by Dynatrace).
Hybrid STBs can also be at risk

DDoS attacks present new threat for operators as hybrid STBs may present attractive vehicles to access connected homes based on ‘always on’, internet-based services. Hackers exploiting unsecured hybrid STBs may aim to install malware to take control of the STB, or as a platform for attacking other devices in the home. Everything with an internet connection can be compromised; lights, credit card details stolen, webcams, electronic signatures for automatic garages to gain access to the home, etc.

Comprehensive STB security design will protect hybrid STBs from malicious apps and software. Conax provides operators with a holistic security approach including 360 guidance, evaluations and audits, encompassing prevention of content and attacks from unmanaged networks.

Conax advised conference participants on dangers of DDoS attacks and Housejacking at TV Connect London, and will provide insight to TV Connect Africa participants, Cape Town, on Nov. 16th.