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Case Studies
Download our latest success stories, and get the insight into how Conax can help operators grow their business.

Triple Play Secures Premium Content on Every Screen with Conax Contego as a Service (April 2017)

With the OTT market in India starting to heat up, leading media and entertainment service provider in Northern India, Triple Play, deploys a Conax-secured, cloud-based multi-DRM offering combined with pre-integrated middleware from Corpus. Want to know more about how Conax Security eliminates CAPEX for Triple Play?

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Transitioning from QAM to IP video with eVUE-TV (June 2017)

Evolution Digital and Conax, have provided a new world of opportunities for cable operators with the eVUE platform, enabling seamless delivery of live-TV, VOD, catch-up TV and nDVR content. Download our case study, and get the insight into how Conax can help operators reduce hardware costs and speed up the launch of new services and features.

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Speeding up OTT deployments with white-label platforms (July 2017)

Unicoms Trading, a trusted and reliable partner and systems integrator, wanted to launch a white-label OTT platform that would simplify streaming of linear TV content and catch-up TV to iOS and Android™ devices, enabling its customers to capitalize on OTT revenue opportunities. This case study presents how Unicoms Trading with the help of Conax and AppearTV enabled OTT streaming services to be launched quickly without heavy infrastructure investments to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Deploying a unified content Security back-end (September 2017)

Vodafone Iceland, a key player in the mature Icelandic telco market, wanted to deploy a unified security solution that could handle all its CA and DRM requirements, thereby reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

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