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Conax Newsletter No. 1 / 2018: Accelerating the shift to IP-based TV delivery

TV industry is well on its way towards an all-IP world, which presents a challenge to the business models of traditional TV technology vendors but also an opportunity to companies embracing IPTV, OTT and hybrid technologies. The revenues from traditional pay-TV are expected to flatten out globally, while revenues from OTT streaming are expected to double to 120 billion USD annually by 2022 (CSI Magazine 13.12.2017).

We continue to evolve the Kudelski Group with the market, recently announcing the closer alignment of all Kudelski Digital TV brands, and especially between the NAGRA & Conax organizations. With this change we intend to further accelerate our efforts to both serve our existing customers more efficiently and also to strengthen our innovation capabilities in OTT and IP-based TV technologies.

You can read more on the organizational changes and the outlook of the full Kudelski Group for 2018 in the recently published 2017 Annual Report.

Wisely, both NAGRA and Conax started several IP/OTT initiatives early on, fruits of which we already started harvesting in 2017. In 2018 we are expecting several new customer announcements based on our unique expertise in securing AndroidTV, end-to-end OTT solutions and hybrid CAS/DRM security. Stay tuned!

Wishing a prosperous 2018!

- Morten Solbakken, EVP & COO of the Kudelski Group

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