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White Papers
Our White Paper series of Redefining Content Security is now available. We offer expert advice on topics highly relevant to you and the White Papers will help guide you in making the right decisions for your business and staying on top of your game in protecting your content.

Transforming pay-TV with hybrid IPTV/OTT security solutions (January, 2017)

This whitepaper identifies the key capabilities that IPTV service providers should look for in a content security solution to ensure secure distribution of broadcast television content to managed connected devices.

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Content Security as a Service: Achieve significant business advantages without compromising on security (Sept, 2016)

This paper provides a comprehensive summary of the different software as a service (SaaS) options available for content protection, outlining the key challenges operators face, advantages of transitioning to SaaS, and requirements in a cloud-based security platform that is fully managed and operated by an experienced technology vendor.

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Beyond piracy: Why content protection is not enough (April, 2016)

This paper explores the damage that can be done to pay-TV operations by hacking hybrid STBs, and what operators can do to prevent such attacks.

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Meeting the demand for OTT services: Are you able to deliver? (Dec, 2015)

This paper examines the current trends happening across the pay-TV market, taking a look at the advantages of offering an OTT service and the pitfalls that may be encountered when implementing these services.

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Securing Android in Pay-TV operations (Nov, 2015)

This paper discusses the threats to security in Android-based STBs posed by the combined broadcast-OTT environment and by Google’s requirements, and how these security issues can be handled

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The Impact of MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection Specification on Pay-TV Service Providers (Oct, 2015)

This paper examines the latest specifications in meeting studio requirements, the technologies that may need to be implemented under the new licensing conditions and the profound impact the measures are likely to have on how service providers secure pay-TV content in the years to come.

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