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Advanced Security Solutions
Conax has an unprecedented plus 25 year record in preventing piracy and securing valuable content. This is quite an achievement, but not sufficient to guarantee future prosperity.

Working even closer with our customers and technology partners we are bringing new advanced solutions to the market with two main goals in mind:

  • Guaranteeing OTT success for our customers
  • Reducing complexity of content security

Guaranteeing OTT success
Pay-TV operations of the future will inherently be OTT even for the incumbents owning considerable fixed network assets. Via OTT operators have plenty of new opportunities: they can reach a wider, even global audience, maximize usage of their content rights, reduce churn of other bundled services and give customers more choice in their daily pay-TV consumption.

One of the major trends in the pay-TV industry is adding OTT as a part of previous broadcast-only platforms resulting in the emergence of hybrid broadcast-OTT services. One of the main contenders for the next-generation TV platform contest is Android TV that combines the popularity of Android as a platform to an abundance of Apps, meeting consumer demand for a wider range of entertainment services than what is typically available in today’s hybrid broadcast-OTT operations.

Securing Android TV compatible decices according to the strict requirements for broadcast operations is a highly complex task. Use of Conax’ hardware-based separation technologies combined with security evaluations managed by Conax and conducted by third party security experts will give operators the extra boost they need to offer the most attractive and most secure Android-based operations possible.

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Reducing complexity of content security
Conax has always been at the top of security technology development and keeping that position is even more important in the new UHD/4K age where content available to consumers is close to studio master quality. Pay-TV industry has been fast to adopt several new content protection schemes such as DRMs, EMEs etc. but these have not been sufficient to address all security threats.

Conax Open Watermarking Framework was created to address the need for a more holistic approach to content security. Now you can get a complete ecosystem of content security solutions and processes from one vendor, starting from certifying devices with DVB chipset based Hardware-root-of-trust and ending in monitoring illegal content distribution and tracking it down to its source.

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