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Conax Security Platform
The basis and starting point of all Conax security solutions is our unified content security platform Conax Contego.

Conax Contego is a highly flexible platform that can handle all your content security needs for all distribution technologies, consumer devices and security clients. With Contego, Conax can deliver a full security ecosystem starting from specifying Hardware-root-of-trust requirements with DVB chipset manufacturers to security evaluations of consumer devices and to using our Open Watermarking Framework to track and close down pirated operations.

Our current portfolio of content security products and solutions based on Conax Contego is:

Security clients

  • Smart Cards
  • Conax Cardless
  • Conax Connected Access
  • Conax OTT Access
  • Conax Hardened PlayReady Client
  • Conditional Access Module (CAM)

Multiscreen OTT solutions

  • Conax GO Live
  • Conax Xtend Multiscreen

Advanced security solutions

  • Android TV security
  • Open Watermarking Framework

Global support
To keep your pay-TV operation based on Conax Contego running smoothly and continuously, our global 24/7 Conax support packages will deliver whatever level of service you require, from minimal periodic maintenance to full outsourcing of operations and support to Conax Services department.