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Transitioning from QAM to IP video with eVUE-TV
Ten years ago cable operators were limited by the types of services and functionalities they could deliver.

In this recent project, Evolution Digital and Conax, have provided a new world of opportunities for cable operators with the eVUE platform, enabling seamless delivery of live-TV, VOD, catch-up TV and nDVR content. Using the complete, pre-integrated and high-security solution, operators can easily migrate to IP and reach viewers on any connected device type.

Launched in June 2016, eVUE has successfully been deployed by a dozen Tier2 and Tier 3 operators in the United States.

Download our latest success story, and get the insight into how Conax can help operators reduce hardware costs and speed up the launch of new services and features, as there is no longer the need for a smart card STB system for content protection purposes.