Conax Operations
Conax has over 20 years of experience in operating content protection systems for major DTV operators in different markets.

The cornerstone in a pay-TV operation
The content protection system is a vital part of a pay-TV operation, as the tool that secures the revenue stream. It is therefore important that the content protection system is available, stable and operational 24/7 with the necessary capacity and security at all times.Free resources by outsourcing.Not all operators have the necessary resources or competence to constantly maintain a content protection system. Conax therefore offers an operating agreement to all new and existing customers who want to focus on core business rather than content security.

Service Agreements
With the Conax Operation Service Agreement, Conax owns and operates all parts of the content protection system on a 24/7 basis, using highly experienced senior engineers. This means savings for the operator, since there will be no need to build a comprehensive, skilled 24/7 operation organization.

Service levels
Conax offers three different service levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – in the Operations Service Agreement. Operators can choose the best suited level for each operation with regard to guaranteed uptime, server redundancy, response time and change requests.

Why outsource your content protection operation to Conax?
The complex, fundamental security part of a pay-TV business is fully taken care of by a world class player. Customers who choose a Conax Operation Service package benefit from our unique quality of service and experience in operating the content protection system. Our 20 years of experience has given Conax a unique insight into what it takes to run a content protection system for smooth operation.