Why Conax

We believe that there are great possibilities for flexible media consumption in a secure world.

Conax is a team of dynamic technology and service professionals, drawn from over 20 countries and headquartered in Norway. A part of the Kudelski Group, Conax creates secure ecosystems for valued content that bring our customers’ magic out into the world through world class technology and great competence.

Combining innovative technology, advanced systems and excellent competence into world-class future-proof content security, is by itself a kind of magic. Magic that best succeeds by being invisible, yet practically unbreakable.

Ultimate protection

Since 1988, Conax has set the benchmark for content and revenue security in the pay-tv industry. Our unique content security platform, Conax Contego, is a sophisticated, fully scalable solution with features and functions for small, medium, and large operations. Conax Contego delivers unrivalled security for any operation and any type of platform – satellite, cable, terrestrial-TV, IPTV and OTT – from traditional broadcasting to the most advanced viewing experience available.

We believe that all operators should have the freedom to choose.  Therefore, you are able to choose from a wide range of Conax- strengthened devices the one that suits your operation best without compromising on security. We provide guidance so you can find the appropriate consumer devices for your operation based on a combination of factors – security, quality, functionality and price.

Gear up for the new world

The market is rapidly changing and more and more consumers expect easy access to content– anywhere, anytime, and on any device. To support the complex technical requirements of delivering these advanced television services, you need a mature security system that is cost-effective, scalable, future-proof and feature-rich.  Having a partnership with a content security vendor with proven expertise in the market is an investment that will not only protect your current assets, but also enable you to generate additional revenue streams in the future.

Security is our core competency and deeply rooted in all aspect of Conax. The very first revenue streams that we secured 25 years ago were “simple” analog broadcasts of pay-tv channels.

When our customers needed to evolve and sought to offer more complex services to the end users we developed new security features to safely offer pay-per-view, push VOD, nVOD and multiple STBs. These days we see a growing demand for the Pay-TV operators to offer different multiscreen solutions.

Global response

Our headquarters are in Norway and we consist of one dynamic team of technology and service professionals drawn from over 20 countries, including 24/7 global support operations based in India. Today 425 digital TV operators in over 85 countries rely on us to protect their content and revenues, among them some of the world’s biggest broadcasters.

A professional team in Conax can assist you to find the most suitable solution for your business model. We provide any level of support you might need, from 24/7 online and phone back-up to full outsourcing. Our ambition is to provide ultimate protection for your content and revenue, now and in the future.