Black from Supercanal will transform the world of entertainment
Pablo Staffolani, COO of Argentine operator Supercanal, explains that content protection is provided by Conax, with Cubiware middleware, and integration and solutions for VOD services and content processing from BOLD.

What is the new product, Black?
Black Supercanal will transform the world of entertainment.  It is the convergence of linear and non-linear TV through a hybrid STB, with access to the Internet.  The aim of the product is to capture the interest of all generations, since it gives the user the possibility of watching films and VOD series together with the HD content on the same STB. In addition, Black integrates other non-television content such as radio and short news, among others. Black has been available in Supercanal’s digital offering since October. Our customers’ response is very positive, and we hope to meet our targets ahead of schedule.

Will Black be a free of charge offering for Supercanal’s customers or will it be a paid service?
Black is part of Supercanal’s product offering. On the other hand, Mio, which is an OTT platform in beta phase, does not currently have a subscription cost. In this first stage, the product is only available for a group of premium customers. Currently, the on demand platforms integrated include movies and series from Fox, Space, TNT, Cartoon Network, and adult content, which is offered under the TVOD model.

Which technology has been used to implement this product?
It is a hybrid system combining DVB technology and VOD content in the STB via Internet. Content protection is provided by Conax and middleware by Cubiware with integration to Bold, which also provides the VOD solution. Conax played an important role in this project by providing the content protection elements through the Conax Contego platform, both in terms of DVB for STB and DRM for On Demand content. Conax has also collaborated with Supercanal by sharing their expertise in these types of services; undoubtedly they have become our technology partner. In addition, Homecast (STB) and AppearTV (digital head-end) also took part in the development of the project.

What is it like to work with Bold?
Bold acts as an integrator between Cubiware, Conax and other hardware providers, and integrates their own solutions for VOD services and content management. This simplifies the implementation and development of the product, without having to assume the complexity of working with several providers in a complex technology project.

Lastly, what are the growth expectations for the new product? What other types of content will the users of Black watch in the future?
We have planned a roadmap of the product, which is based on the regular incorporation of new contents, taking our customers’ preferences into consideration. Next, we’ll incorporate HBO content, as well as other VOD platforms. Supercanal brings the solution for a PAY-TV services offering with more content and services available to the Argentine market. Our product, Black, steps forward and leads innovation.