Conax GO Live: Simplicity is key to OTT success!
Today’s consumers expect and demand video content anywhere, anytime, on any device - a daunting prospect.

To enable operators to venture into unexplored territories of OTT and multiscreen with minimal upfront investment and with reduced technical risk, Conax has developed Conax GO Live™, an end-to-end solution for streaming live-TV channels with start-over functionality to Android and iOS devices. Conax GO Live™ is all about simplicity – from its user-friendly apps to its simple and elegant, straight-forward technical deployment.

Who should deploy Conax GO Live™?

Are you experiencing increased churn in your existing customer base, increased competition from local broadcasters’ on-line video services and global OVPs, such as HBO and Netflix, and stagnation of pay-tv ARPU growth? Contact us for more information and a demonstration of the new Conax GO Live™ end-to-end solutions for streaming live-TV channels. Conax GO Live will enable rapid deployment of OTT multiscreen operations – meaning only weeks, and increasing customer satisfaction, bolstering your brand image as a forward-thinking pay-tv operator and bringing in new revenues.

Conax GO Live is currently at final testing stages and will be commercially released in March. Contact our sales experts at – today – to be one of the first to unlock a world of new business opportunities in OTT & multiscreen content distribution in your market!