André Kudelski: we can learn from pirates

Broadband TV News | March 8, 2017 17.43 Europe/London By Robert Briel, Cable Congress 2017, Brussels

Piracy tools such as Popcorn Time and Kodi are, by nature, not regulated and and have no limits, but we can learn from the fact that they are providing all content from one single place.

Speaking in Brussels, André Kudelski said that security is not just about content protection, IoT piracy is a very fast growing risk, and consumer infrastructures can be ‘cyber weaponised’ (“Think about your fridge attacking government websites”).

“There is now a real opportunity to align stakeholders interest in having a secure ecosystem,” is his call to action.

“If you do not want to become the train of the 21st century, think bigger than just being an utility company, or commodotised by other players. Leverage your multi-focal by mastering the IP transition to your own terms and invest in innovation to address new consumer needs by leveraging your physical presence in the home. So, create your own opportunities rather than your own barriers.”