ANGA COM 2016: Conax gives Euro debut to as-a-service content protection

Editor | 06 June 2016

Kudelski subsidiary Conax is using ANGA COM 2016 to demonstrate its recently launched Contego-as-a-service cloud-based content protection service.

The offering includes the flagship Conax Contego unified security platform supporting DVB, IPTV and OTT plus what the call key DRM technologies enabling operators to provide a streamlined consumer experience across devices and technologies. Conax claims that Contego-as-a-Service can provide pay-TV platforms with a unique business model for supporting future growth by featuring low CAPEX, reduced operational complexity, premium scalability and rapid deployment of new features such as secure TV everywhere and streamlined content delivery.

“Flexible content protection in the cloud will enable operators of all shapes and sizes to focus on their core business by outsourcing specialist services like content security,” commented Conax EVP products and marketing Tom Jahr. “The modular back-end behind Contego-as-a-Service enables key operator business benefits such as premium scalability, easy integration of new advanced features and complimentary partner technologies, fast deployment and low investment in on-site hardware to quickly and securely cultivate and tap growth opportunities in the digital content delivery landscape.”