Columbus International launches benchmark multiscreen platform

Launched at Flow World, Barbados, the new, advanced platform based on Conax Xtend Multiscreen includes a dynamic customer offering with secure IP VOD, Live TV, Network PVR and TV Everywhere

At Flow World, Columbus International featured live demonstrations of their new advanced multiscreen platform to special guests, customers and the press including the Conax Xtend Multiscreen solution and a demo of the Xtend nPVR functionality. In addition, the new UXP Systems iOS application secured by Conax iOS SDK was featured with live-TV, VOD and nPVR support. Columbus’ Flow World launch event was a tremendous success resulting in enormous interest from the market. From everyone at Conax, we extend our congratulations to the skilled Columbus team on a great cooperation and the launch of a truly dynamic and forward-thinking customer offering!

“There was long list of vendors offering Columbus International multiscreen solutions, confirms Darren Richer, CTO Columbus International. The main challenge was about who would take responsibility to ensure an integrated secure multiscreen ecosystem. Conax, Cubiware, MPS Broadband and Evolution were the only companies that came forward with a common integrated solution.”

“That is why we chose the pre-integrated Conax Xtend Multiscreen solution, together with the Evolution Digital Hybrid STBs. These partners offered a comprehensive solution that could easily integrate with the other components we selected from Elemental Technologies, Seawell Networks and UXP Systems to complete the advanced Columbus International multiscreen ecosystem servicing the 8 Caribbean islands.”

Feedback from the ecosystem partners on working together for the deployment at Columbus (video clip)


The Columbus’ Digital IP Video platform The Columbus’ Digital IP Video platform is based on Conax Xtend Multiscreen™. The platform is a unique pre-integrated solution, which is comprised of the Content Security/DRM from Conax, Content Management System from MPS Broadband and Middleware from Cubiware. It embraces benefits of the cloud, providing both a simpler and dynamic user experience for accessing content securely over Digital Hybrid STBs from Evolution Digital and Multiscreen devices.

The Conax Xtend Multiscreen™ ecosystem at Columbus The Conax Xtend Multiscreen ecosystem was integrated with best-of-breed complimentary vendor products chosen by Columbus. The advanced platform features hybrid IP Set-top boxes from Evolution Digital. UXP Systems provides the Multiservice Gateway providing Columbus customers a unified User Interface experience for their voice, video and data services on multiscreen devices. Encoding platform from Elemental Technologies and SeaWell Networks delivers edge-based per-session management, dynamic repackaging and encryption.

“Driving this extensive and technically advanced project, the highly skilled in-house technical team at Columbus provided the operator with the knowledge, integration expertise and flexibility in choosing and integrating the correct partners for their market and requirements, comments Rohit Mehra, VP of Americas, Conax. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Columbus team and the ecosystem partners that have made this deployment such a success.”