Conax Prime Access
Conax Prime Access has been designed to provide best-in-class security on advanced Set-top boxes for premium linear content like early release or 4K/UHD programming. It is capable of securing linear content on all kinds of DVB operations including cable, satellite, terrestrial and hybrid operations.

Boost user engagement and reduce churn
With the increasing popularity of OTT services operators are often looking for how to add their own or third party OTT services to create higher engagement and ensure that less subscribers churn to competing offers. The Conax Prime Access architecture allows Pay TV operators to securely embed OTT services in their offering, without interfering with the DVB content path.
Pay-TV operators are increasingly addressing multiple user segments through mixed subscription packages. Operators that upsell existing subscribers to higher ARPU segment, can easily roll out advanced STBs alongside existing install base. Conax Prime Access can co-exist with other Conax secure clients in an operation using Conax Contego, the unified security management system.

Designed for broadcasting content
Conax Prime Access has been optimized with a feature set for hybrid Set-top boxes in satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcast operations. It is highly bandwidth optimized and provides high security for one-way networks, not requiring a return channel.

Features optimized for hybrid broadcast and OTT Set-top boxes

  • Premium HD & 4K/UHD with HDR for Live-TV
  • Multiple business models – Subscription, Pay Per View, Prepaid, Rental, Voucher
  • Value added services – PVR & PVR sharing, EMM Pull, geographical blackout, watermarking
  • Secure client in purpose-built secure processor
  • Designed for middleware solutions like Android TV, enabling access to third party services in the STB

Strong security for advanced Set-top box
Conax Prime Access, a renewable and flexible security client, is based on a combination of secure software and secure hardware. It performs security sensitive computing within a dedicated secure processor using hardware root-of-trust.

Despite an increased attack surface on the advanced and connected Set-top box, Prime Access safeguards the premium linear content. It is further fortified by the Conax Lynx, a solution designed to enable MovieLabs’ enhanced content protection (ECP) requirements. Lynx is a tight integration of the rich & secure execution environments – an REE & TEE based software – to securely control the content decryption process, the secure media pipeline (SMP) and the usage rights handling mechanisms of the premium content.